What is my next step?

While I’ve been on a maternity break from anything PreachTeach (well… anything for that matter), I have been putting serious (although sleep-deprived) thought into my future as The Preach Teach. When I started this blog (Read my first post here), it was more for the purpose of keeping my feet wet in the teaching world. … More What is my next step?

My Someday

Someday I’ll wake up early bake breakfast and check off all the my to-dos before my kids rise. Someday I’ll grow my own garden buy solely organic and know what to do with the large zucchini my neighbor gives me. Someday I’ll write his story. Fill the pages with all the lessons he ever gave … More My Someday

School Lunch Wars

I was so proud of myself; it was Sunday night, the night before my son’s first day of school, and I had managed to gather together a lunch for him to proudly carry in his Mario lunchbox. A cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese, a Chobani gogurt, a peach, and a rice crispy treat … More School Lunch Wars

Wash Your Mouth Out… 10 Things NOT to Say to Teachers!

We all mean well.  We really do.  Like when you’re 8 months pregnant and someone says to you, “Wow, you look big!”  Surely, they are not telling you, “Oh my, look how fat you are!”  Of course not.  They just had a mere case of Volcano Mouth- erupting before thinking.  Again, we all mean well, … More Wash Your Mouth Out… 10 Things NOT to Say to Teachers!

Family Game Night

It’s been snowing outside all day long, and two little boys are restless!  Looks like a perfect night for Family Game Night! Not only is Game Night fun, there are proven benefits to this quality family time: Develop social and language skills Engage in problem-solving Learn how to Win/Lose and Be appropriately competitive Gain attachment … More Family Game Night

He’s a Big Boy!

It’s the little things that bring the biggest waves of joy.  Especially these days. And how could you not smile at that adorably proud face?! Mr. Moo, my second born is quite the stubborn little guy (must get that from his Papa!).  Potty training was quite the journey for him. His brother, the oldest, literally … More He’s a Big Boy!