I Hate Kindergarten

I have somehow found myself here again. Here being the eve of Kindergarten. I did this once before, this Kindergarten thing, with my first baby. But it’s not easier. In fact, it’s harder. Harder because I see the result of Kindergarten walking around in my kitchen, shirtless, leaving cupboards open, wrappers on the counter, explaining to me … More I Hate Kindergarten

Another Poopy Day

I realize I have somehow become the poop mom blogger, but seriously, I can’t be the only one with kids like these… My baby is new to this poop party. He just started eating baby food so his diapers have been full of surprises. As I’m busying myself with something probably not all that important, … More Another Poopy Day

Just A Mom!

“Mommy, you’re just a kid mom!” This is what I hear from the mouth of my sweet and introverted, Moo, who is strapped in his carseat in the rear of the van. “You’re just a kid mom. Dads and Grandmas work, but you are just a mom.” Just a mom. In his little four-year-old reality, … More Just A Mom!

Strapping up for 940 Saturdays!

I just read a blog post from Motherlode and it is worth sharing.  Here it is; http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/03/16/childhood-940-saturdays-and-youre-done/ I suggest you read it. The article is in reference to Dr. Harley Rotbart’s No Regrets Parenting. I have not yet read this book, but I have just added it to the top of my list. My college roommate, Jummy, … More Strapping up for 940 Saturdays!