Wish to Grow Old

Have you ever heard of anyone having a bad vacation in Hawaii? Last night my mom told me one of the worst vacation stories ever. A woman she had met went on a two week vacation there. A day into her family’s Hawaii vacay they received a phone call that her father-in-law had died. Then it … More Wish to Grow Old

Goodbye Ol’ Blue

What is one thing that would symbolize you- your qualities, your spirit, your personality?  Can you think of one?  I can’t. My mom wrote a post on Facebook that I’m going to repost here, but I think she put it so simply.  Ol’Blue was everything that Dad was… Available.  Helpful.  Strong.  Old-Fashion, a “Good Ol’ … More Goodbye Ol’ Blue

The “MOM List”

Katie and I have been the best of friends since diapers.  We grew up a house apart (in two different neighborhoods), traveled together on family vacations, survived teenage angst, bunked up in each other’s dorm rooms, and were of course each others maid of honor. But this really isn’t about Katie… well not really.  It’s … More The “MOM List”

My first Milestone!

1,000 views… and counting! Sitting on the couch at my in-laws over Christmas break, I clicked on the Stats button for my blog and there it was, “994 Views!”  Now this is my husband’s family, so every seat in that living room was occupied, and since they love me (or at least put up with … More My first Milestone!

Make me an Oak Tree

I was reminded tonight of a story my pastor once told about the destiny of an acorn. A tiny, insignificant acorn. An acorn that can so easily get smashed, stepped on, or snacked on. An acorn that might possibly be collected by a 4-year-old nature enthusiast.   Yet, that tiny acorn is destined for more.  If … More Make me an Oak Tree