The “MOM List”

Katie and I have been the best of friends since diapers.  We grew up a house apart (in two different neighborhoods), traveled together on family vacations, survived teenage angst, bunked up in each other’s dorm rooms, and were of course each others maid of honor.

Boston cuisine
Katie and I enjoying some of Boston’s finest cuisine!

But this really isn’t about Katie… well not really.  It’s about the pact we made, or more “THE LIST” of things we would absolutely NOT do when we became mothers!  See, not only are we the best of friends, but so are our moms.  We would never publicly admit it, especially not when we were between the ages of 12 and 20, but we were just a little critical of our moms- like please drop me off on the corner!  Again- we would never admit we did anything wrong… because they were seriously UNCOOL.

So through all our time and travels, we started penning “The List.”  Here it is:

Things we will NEVER do when we are MOMs:

  • Have short, permed hair
  • Wear winter coats with a fur trimmed hood
  • Eat Trident gum
  • Say things like, “Simply Breath Taking!”
  • Wear high wasted, tapered pants… aka, Mom Jeans!
  • Shoulder pads in sweaters (this could be on everyone’s list!)
  • Wear Mini purse backpacks (a step up from fanny packs, I guess)
  • Have a wicker basket in our mini van
  • And of course, We Will NEVER Drive a MINI VAN!

So far, Katie has mangaed to evade this list.  Her world traveling adventures and big city life have kept her on airplanes and commuting via public transportation.  Welp, this girl lives in Iowa, and everything here takes 15 minutes- by car.  And as you know, I am pregnant with Baby #3, so you may be asking, “How will you fit 3 kids in a car?”

The answer, I can’t!!!

Mom and Van
Almost incognito in my new ride

My pride is crushed.  I feel like I’ve aged 10 years.  And our mothers are finding such pleasure at the sight of me driving a (gasp) mini-van!

But you better believe, there are no wicker baskets, no Trident gum, and no mom jeans found in ‘my’ mini van!

Karma sure is something… Love you, Mom!

4 thoughts on “The “MOM List”

  1.! Laughed all the way through. I can SOOOO relate… and I’m proud of you for “taking the plunge”! Maybe now I can, too? 🙂 Love ya!


  2. I absolutely love this!! I enjoy reading all of your stuff as it’s all so true!!:)) I have got to say…I joined the mini van “club” something I thought I’d never do….and I ♡ it!! Lol 🙂 You definitely do feel a tade bit older though… 🙂 The joys of motherhood 😉


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