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Hi friends, thanks for being here. My name is Erica Douglas and I am the author of PreachTeach.

I am a free-spirit and home-body rolled into one.  I don’t do straight lines, label makers, or schedules.  I doodle, make piles, and have a guilty pleasure for reality TV.

I appreciate new cultures and differences, yet have called Iowa home for all my life. After we got married, my husband Tony gave Iowa a five year deadline. Yet, here we are, a decade and four babies later! We are pretty really competitive, and our children are catching on rather quickly turning everything from eating dinner to buckling up into a race. Pretty soon, those little monkeys will be taller, faster, and smarter than their momma. Not sure I’ll be okay with any of that!

I am a daddy’s girl. I have been all my life. When he passed away, the best advice I was given was, “to feel every feeling.” If I was sad, I was encouraged to cry. If I remembered something funny, I was encouraged to laugh. Embracing my feelings, being present in my current reality, and expressing my needs honestly with others was remarkably healing. It changed me. Made me better.

So that’s why I am here. That’s why I am The Preach Teach. I am here to remind you that you are not alone. To encourage you to love those you hold. To inspire you to live as honestly as possible!

Thanks for doing life with me,

XO- Erica

Preach Truth. Teach Love. Live Inspired.

To see how I got here, read my very first post: https://preachteach.com/2012/11/12/time-of-reflection/

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