Time of Reflection

I’ve grown accustom to many names and titles throughout my life; daughter, sister, student, athlete, friend, wife, and Mommy!  When I was 23 I earned a new name and title, “Mrs. Douglas- teacher.”  All my life I knew what I wanted to be- a teacher, and I was very blessed that my one and only interview turned into a J-O-B!

To say I worked with professional, caring, and amazing coworkers is an understatement.  Even amidst the challenges of being a new teacher, learning the rules and regulations of the profession, and stretching myself to be creative, innovative, and impactful – all while trying to stay true to who I was and my philosophy on teaching and learning, I am so thankful and forever changed by every moment I spent in that classroom- as “Mrs. Douglas- Teacher!”

The best part of teaching, is of course the relationships created with those young children that spent 180 days in my classroom- and to all cliche- forever in my heart.  Not only did I enjoy these kids, but their families too.  For me, it was all about the relationship and being a part of the kids’ families, not a separate piece.

These kids made me laugh, inspired me with their creative and insightful take on everything from friendships (“I can’t be her friend today!”) to division (“You can’t split a jellybean into thirds, I mean, that’s just crazy!”)  to current and historical events (“Discrimination can still exist- like people with special needs” (a 9 year-old said that- WOW!) ), and even their expression of feelings towards me.  My favorite of all time, is this:

Sometimes kids just know how to say it like it is!

This past year, 2012, I made the decision to stay home with my growing family. (Baby 3 coming in March!)  It was an extremely difficult decision as I truly felt I was ‘doing’ what I was made to do.  But as a woman of faith, I knew I had to obey and take a leap of faith into the unknown, into a phase of life I honestly never thought I’d venture into. I was worried about telling those close to me, those I worked with, and the families I taught- I guess I just didn’t want to disappoint them.  One of my coworkers said to me, “Erica, there will always be kids who need good teachers.  But your boys only have one Mommy!”  I don’t think she knows how much that still blesses my heart.

It has been a couple months since I have settled into my new title of stay-at-home-mom, and I can finally say I’ve gotten into a routine.  And through all of this I have learned that even though I am not currently teaching, I am still a teacher.  It’s who I am; who I was created to be.  God just created me to do other things too.  Someday I know I’ll be back, but for now I will forever cherish those memories, relationships, and lessons.

6 thoughts on “Time of Reflection

  1. I think we are seriously twins! I just left teaching to be a stay at home mom (but with my second not third). I too struggle with it. I loved my job and everything about teaching. Someone told me the same thing you said, “there’s lots of great teachers out there for these kids, but only one great mom for YOUR kids”. It’s really true. It took me about 6 months (about right now) of staying home from leaving the workforce from a school I LOVED to fully adjust. I know I’ll be back into the classroom – but only after the kiddos are a bit older. Just so funny that your story here is identical to mine!


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