My first Milestone!

1,000 views… and counting!

Reaching 1,000 views!
Reaching 1,000 views!

Sitting on the couch at my in-laws over Christmas break, I clicked on the Stats button for my blog and there it was, “994 Views!”  Now this is my husband’s family, so every seat in that living room was occupied, and since they love me (or at least put up with me!), they got out their phones and went to


“Refresh! Refresh!” my husband kept yelling.


I kept refreshing during those 10 minutes, but “999 Views!” was the max I reached in that hour.  So I had to wait…


Wait I did, and later that evening- BOOM! There it was- I’d reached my first milestone, 1,007 views.

blog views
Boom! 1,007 views!

Even though my family has been VERY supportive of my writing, I can attest that not ‘just’ my mom is reading what I write 🙂


In a year filled with CHANGE and OBEDIENCE, this was a very encouraging milestone for me.  After just a month of blogging, I have (as of today) over 1,300 views and 20 followers to my blog.  I feel very humbled by this.


So THANK YOU for reading, for sharing, and mainly for the encouragement that you continue to provide me.  I am grateful and looking forward to reaching new milestones- heck, why not 10,000 views 🙂


When I was sitting in that living room, surrounded by family trying vehemently to get me to 1,000 views, my husband said, “Just think, someday we’ll all be able to say, ‘Remember when we helped you to 1,000?'”  I hope he’s right.


Guess I better get to writing…

5 thoughts on “My first Milestone!

  1. Erica, don’t ever think that we just put up with you! Of course, we all love you and support you. That’s not the main reason that I read your blog, though. I read it because it’s really, really good!! Just continue to do what you do so well, “write”, and your gift will lead to much bigger adventures ahead.


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