School Lunch Wars

I was so proud of myself; it was Sunday night, the night before my son’s first day of school, and I had managed to gather together a lunch for him to proudly carry in his Mario lunchbox.

A cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese, a Chobani gogurt, a peach, and a rice crispy treat (it was his first day of school after all!).

“That’s his lunch?” That would be the voice of my Paleo crazed, yet very devoted husband, who mind you, never offered to a) pack the lunch or b) go to the grocery store (which we very much needed to do).

“Yes, this is his lunch,” I respond firmly to the man who eats either tuna, eggs, bacon or barbecue chicken for lunch Every. Single. Day.

“Where’s his protein?” again critiquing the very first school lunch I have Ever. Made. for one of my children.

“Please tell me, Dear,” because I know I responded this calmly, “what would you add to his lunch that we currently have in our cupboards?”

“Protein!”  replies my bacon loving husband as though it is so easy for me to throw in a chicken breast into the lunch of our five-year-old.

“OMG!!” Honestly, what else was there to say?

SERIOUSLY… Moms, you have to be with me on this one.  If you… a) don’t do the shopping, or b) don’t have any specific and helpful information to give me, please learn to keep your mouth shut!!

Our son does not have access to a microwave.

Our son will not eat things with skin or crust. Things that look burnt, are two different colors, smell odd, or look funny.

Our son will not take peanut butter or nuts to school due to kids’ allergies.

Our son’s mother will NOT make lunches with sandwiches that look like kitty cats and apples that look like Ninja Turtles.

So what did our son have for lunch on his first day of school?

A cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese, a Chobani gogurt, a peach, and a rice crispy treat (it was his first day of school after all!).

Battle Victory: Mom!  (Seriously!)

Now, I must say that (wait for it) my husband was right in that our son needed a little more variety in his lunch (aka Protein).  So my hubby did do his homework and gather some (realistic) lunch ideas.  He sent me this link from Our Paleo Life:

For the rest of the week, our Kindergartner’s lunch still consisted of a peach and some greek yogurt, but I threw in some little ham slices, crackers, and cheese.  He has eaten it all and appears happy, except for wondering, “Where’s my dessert?”

War Victory: Mainly Mom (Someone around here still does all the grocery shopping!)

Love you, Honey!!

XO, Erica

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6 thoughts on “School Lunch Wars

  1. We had a similar laundry conversation this week that ended with, if the sorting bothers you ‘dear’ you are welcome to start doing and folding the laundry. The conversation promptly ended.


  2. Love this Erica! Similar situation at my house with my 1st grader, except he gets PB&J Every.DAY. He won’t eat meat. Fun huh. How did you keep your son’s lunch cold? If I send a cold pack in Landon’s lunch he plays with it and doesn’t eat.


  3. too funny! My kindergartener has wanted to eat hot lunch every day so far! She came home last week asking to take her lunch. “Oh Crap!” is what I thought….what do I send her. She LOVES ham sandwiches so that was easy…but what else. When I asked her and started naming off stuff she said “never mind, I’ll just eat at school”. Thank the Lord…..never knew how difficult a kids lunch could be!


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