What is my next step?

While I’ve been on a maternity break from anything PreachTeach (well… anything for that matter), I have been putting serious (although sleep-deprived) thought into my future as The Preach Teach.

When I started this blog (Read my first post here), it was more for the purpose of keeping my feet wet in the teaching world. I was a new stay-at-home-mom and struggling to keep, or even to find my identity outside of being just a mom.

But then my blog evolved, because I evolved. Life happened. Being the Preach Teach provided me an avenue to question and wonder, to testify and proclaim, to laugh at my children and myself. Preach Teach has helped me to grieve, heal, and celebrate.


I am grateful for the encouragement of my family, friends, and those of you who do life along with me. Since I have changed, I feel it is important that I better identify what the Preach Teach really is.

Before Preach Teach, I saw my future in a puffy-painted sweatshirt surrounded by smiling elementary children. Now, I see myself speaking to other moms who aren’t trying to be perfect, just trying to be better. Or to daughters who have had time frozen by the loss of a parent. Or to teachers and coaches who need a simple reminder that it is the kid that matters most. I’m not saying I have all the answers, or any answers for that matter. But Preach Teach has helped me see a different part of myself. A purpose that was maybe written for me before I even started typing.

So to all my family, friends, and faithful readers, I’d like to know what you think. What do I preach? What do I teach? What is it that PreachTeach provides for you? 

Maybe if I know what I’m doing now, I can better decide where I should go…

Thank you for being here with me!


6 thoughts on “What is my next step?

  1. Erica, I enjoy your posts and as I read, I laugh with you and cry with you, the same kind of tears I’m pretty sure you were shedding when you were writing. I love to read your very real life stories, and it makes me remember my own escapades as a young mother always mistakenly thinking I had everything under control…until I didn’t:) Keep it up. Sharing your life, your beautiful family, and your faith. Your parents are proud of you, as well as all of us who watched you grow up to the beautiful woman you are today. Sharing how you move through grief is helping many others in ways you will never know. I too miss my dad, and 13 years later, can still hear his laugh at unexpected moments, or experience a “grief surge” when I think of something I wish I could tell him. Then I remember I still can, and he probably hears me better:) As you have learned, grief also gifts us with a sharper sense of joy. Take care and Happy Easter. Tell your mom hi too!


  2. I’m disappointed that I could not see your post this time. I’ve so enjoyed each and everyone. Why is it just blank?


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