The Quirks I Love In My Daughter

Like most girls today, my daughter can flawlessly sing Frozen’s “Let it Go!” My daughter is 18 months old. She loves that song, and “Twinkle Twinkle” is her new favorite. My Little Ladybug, as I like to call her, sings all day long. I love that about her. I love the joy and innocence that flows out of her. It’s one of the many things that make me proud to be her mom.

In fact, there are many quirks that make her uniquely her.

  • She is obsessed with toothpaste and toothbrushes. “Teet!” (AKA “teeth!). If allowed, she’d eat toothpaste all and toothpaste
  • After receiving her breakfast, usually a Go-Gurt, she says, “Dank you, Mama!”
  • Everything must be eaten with a spoon… or a fork… or several. baby girl and spoons
  • She SCREAMS in the car. She hates being restricted.
  • Puppies and babies may be her favorite things.
    baby meet baby
    “Squish!” She couldn’t keep her hands off her new baby cousin!
  • Or maybe it’s shoes. She already has a fetish! converse baby girl shoes
  • “Dets-up” (Ketchup) is a necessity in her diet.
  • “Pop!” is the name for popsicles, balloons, and those snap-poppers used on the Fourth of July.
  • Grandma has a doggy door to which my Little Ladybug uses frequently! baby and doggy door
  • As soon as she goes number 2, she’ll reach in her diaper and show me proof, “I poop!”
  • My little GIRL is not afraid to get messy… muddy… covered in spaghetti…
    muddy girl and kite
    Quiet possibly my favorite picture!
  • She loves her brothers. Already knows how to get them in trouble!
  • Watching videos of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge gives her deep belly giggles.
    baby watching videos
    Watching with her uncle.
  • “Ready. Set. Go!” and jumping off the couch are never-ending games!
  • She doesn’t sit still. EVER!

Today’s world is one where we try to look a certain way. Act a certain way. Be a certain way. As I found my daughter in nothing but a diaper, climbing into grandma’s flower bed after she’d escaped to the backyard through the doggy-door, I laughed. I could’ve scolded. I could’ve told her little girls don’t act like that. But I didn’t.

I love that my daughter is adventurous and not afraid to get dirty. I pray she doesn’t lose that. I pray she never fits in. I pray she is proud of all the quirks that make her uniquely her.

I know I am!

Love you to the moon, Little Ladybug!


What is a lovable little quirk of your child?

3 thoughts on “The Quirks I Love In My Daughter

  1. Erica, what a sweet post! My four year old is a feisty little one. She refuses to conform; and she, and I, are better for it! I love that you pray your daughter would never fit. That’s a good prayer.
    PS hello from your old student Dara 🙂 She still talks about you as one of her favorite teachers. And I am glad you get to share more of you with the world through this blog.


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