Wish to Grow Old

Have you ever heard of anyone having a bad vacation in Hawaii? Last night my mom told me one of the worst vacation stories ever. A woman she had met went on a two week vacation there. A day into her family’s Hawaii vacay they received a phone call that her father-in-law had died. Then it … More Wish to Grow Old

“Get back in the fight and keep moving forward.”

“Love u man. We will get through this. I will be calling and have some laughs along with the rough times.” No one writes a manual on how to live without your father.  The person who, regardless of how rough the time was, would know just what to say.  Someone described living in the absence … More “Get back in the fight and keep moving forward.”

My Someday

Someday I’ll wake up early bake breakfast and check off all the my to-dos before my kids rise. Someday I’ll grow my own garden buy solely organic and know what to do with the large zucchini my neighbor gives me. Someday I’ll write his story. Fill the pages with all the lessons he ever gave … More My Someday


Today, I’ve decided to be thankful. Thankful for the mess.  Thankful for the tantrums. Thankful for the things on my to-do list. This morning I woke up to the smiles of two little boys in jammie shirts and superhero underwear.  They requested Go-gurts and waffles for breakfast.  They sat on the couch, under blankets because, … More Thankful