My Last Baby

Have I told you I’m having a baby? My last baby. The last time I have to have a barf cup handy in the car. The last time I have to waddle from the bed to the bathroom at two in the morning. The last time I have to hear people comment on my protruding … More My Last Baby

Strapping up for 940 Saturdays!

I just read a blog post from Motherlode and it is worth sharing.  Here it is; I suggest you read it. The article is in reference to Dr. Harley Rotbart’s No Regrets Parenting. I have not yet read this book, but I have just added it to the top of my list. My college roommate, Jummy, … More Strapping up for 940 Saturdays!

Family Game Night

It’s been snowing outside all day long, and two little boys are restless!  Looks like a perfect night for Family Game Night! Not only is Game Night fun, there are proven benefits to this quality family time: Develop social and language skills Engage in problem-solving Learn how to Win/Lose and Be appropriately competitive Gain attachment … More Family Game Night