What is my next step?

While I’ve been on a maternity break from anything PreachTeach (well… anything for that matter), I have been putting serious (although sleep-deprived) thought into my future as The Preach Teach. When I started this blog (Read my first post here), it was more for the purpose of keeping my feet wet in the teaching world. … More What is my next step?

Two years since goodbye

I think of you when I look at my kids. I yearn to hear you laugh at the crazy things they do. I wish you’d stop by the house and take us out for lunch. I still feel I should leave an empty chair for you at their activities or birthdays. You were always a couple minutes late but prepared with your video camera. I wish you weren’t a memory to them. I wish you weren’t a story. … More Two years since goodbye

T’was the night before Christmas; Remembering his voice

“So we won’t ever forget Papa’s voice.” I love Christmas time and being able to spend extra time with my family. I love this season so much more now that I get to share it with my own children. It is such a special time. Being with family, also opens a void to family that … More T’was the night before Christmas; Remembering his voice