About Preachteach

I am more than just a teacher.

This has been the realization I’ve made since starting the PREACHTEACH back in November 2012.  I, like any other, am a composition of passions, relationships, and circumstances.  I have learned that I can PREACH more than just my frustrations, and I can TEACH more than just a textbook.

That is what PREACHTEACH is all about, my expressions on the passions, relationships, and circumstances that have shaped me, are shaping me, and will hopefully mold me into something great.

The most perfect example of this is my Dad who unexpectedly and all too suddenly passed away January 2013.  Dad was a coach and a teacher, thus the reason I am myself.  Through his living he showed me how to treat others, respect myself, and set goals.  Through his dying he revealed to me what friendship really means, and that faith is comforting even in the darkest of moments.  I know he can still teach others through my stories of him.

Dad came to see his grandson play soccer. He even let little brother sit in his lap!

I hope PREACHTEACH will be helpful to you whether you are a parent, a teacher, or simply just a complex person like myself.

My mission being the PREACH TEACH is to be transparent. To express my real feelings. To tell my real stories. I want you to laugh with me, laugh at me, cry with me and find comfort in knowing you are not alone. I aim to inspire you to live honestly so you can focus on those that matter most in your life.

Thanks for being here with me,

XO- Erica

13 thoughts on “About Preachteach

  1. Erica, this is a perfect introduction to the beautiful you that you are and to the important and impactful voice that God is using in you to uplift, inspire, enthuse, motivate, reflect, and more. I think the changes are good and your candidness is refreshing and very easy to relate to which I think draws more people to want to read what you write.


  2. I absolutely agree with Trish. I love PREACHTEACH. I believe God has given you a gift (many gifts) and you will reach so many people just by your inspirational words. I love that you are my friend, and I am so humbled by your spirit. Thank you for pouring truth into my life. Love you! Praying for you always! -Jum


  3. Erica, I’m so glad I came upon your blog and how fun to see you guys at the track a few weeks back. I wanted to get in touch with you. Can you pass along your email address? It woudl be fun to be in touch. Thanks much!
    🙂 Emily Swinger


    1. JT… a reply has been in my head for weeks (almost months at this point). The onset of winter and the changing of the year brought on a large dose of reality (with the anniversary of my father’s death approaching) for me that made writing painful. I kind of shut this blog thing out. I really am truly grateful for the words you shared about me. It means so much. I appreciate all your help and guidance from afar. I hope it continues!


  4. I love reading your blogs. You are an inspirational and touching writer! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with all of us. I’m so glad I came across your stories from Andy and Linda:) Thank you and God bless…


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