I’m Sorry I’m Ruining Your Life, Little Girl

Each morning my day starts with a little girl, not quite two, climbing into my bed, crawling on top of me and snuggling into me as though I am the most comfortable pillow. Twenty minutes later, she hands me my glasses and then my phone. Time to get up!

While her brothers are still asleep, she requests a Gogurt and Paw Patrol. We cozy up under a blanket on the couch, eat our breakfast and soak in our favorite show.

During the day, when it’s just the two of us, we play Legos, or run some errands, or go find a fun place to play.

At nighttime, she requests mommy. We rock, sing songs and say “Love you to the moon.” Night-Night baby girl.


Little does she know, I’m about to ruin her life.

No more snuggling til she chooses it to be over.

No more quiet morning breakfasts.

No more girls only days.

No more guaranteed delivery of the mommy request.

Mommy will be busy. Mommy will have a baby. A different baby. A baby that is not her.

I’m sorry little girl. I’m sorry to soon be ruining your life. I’m sorry this baby will change everything as we know it.

But I promise honey, he will change it for the better.

Still love you to the moon!

XO- Mommy

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