How Are You Seven?! Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Happy 7th Birthday to my first born.

Photo by Sarah McConnell Photography
Photo by Sarah McConnell Photography

That’s right, 7! I cannot believe I have been a mother for 7 years today. More so, I am pretty impressed I haven’t screwed up exponentially because our science experiment, as my husband and I refer to the first born, is one pretty amazing kid.

Here are 7 of my favorite things about my Teeg:

  1. He’s inventive. He fixes everything with tape, including Christmas ornaments broken by his sister. He turns toilet paper rolls into utensils and makes toys out of bottle tops. Teeg is full of ideas and I cannot wait for him to change the world.
  2. Teeg is the best big brother! He has it all figured out; whispering to his brother to ask a question, or sidetracking his parents while his little sister picks up all the Lego’s. But man, does he love his brother and sister. “C’mon Bro!” “Hey Sis!” I hope he always loves them this much.

    Don’t you eat lunch like this?
  3. He’s a creative. He walks slower than most, he gazes longer than most, and he has a story for ALL things big and small.
  4. The child is uninhibited. He once asked the B-Bops drive-through worker for a piece of bacon. He got two slices! While he may need to learn a little restraint (like telling the waitress to get him pancakes and chocolate milk before she even says hello), I am honestly a little jealous of this trait. He’s already a great salesman, marking $1,000 on one of his old toys for a garage sale. Gotta love his guts!
  5. My son has a dorky side. He has no rhythm. He loves to read. Video games are his second language. He tells knock knock jokes that make absolutely no sense. He makes up phrases like, “That is starving good.” My son has so many quirks that I just love. I pray he always embraces the things that make him uniquely him. funny-boy-seven
  6. He has interests that are foreign to me. The other night the TV was on and he said, “Look, there’s Florida and Alabama.” What seven year old, from the midwest, can recognize Alabama on a map when it floats across a TV screen? This kid. He knows all kinds of crazy facts about geography, Lego Ninjago, Mario Brothers, super heroes and insects. Smarter than his mama for sure!
  7. He is perceptive and caring. I’m amazed at how he senses others feelings and thoughts. How he cares that others are happy. All his teachers have told me how respectful he his and how he makes friends with the kids who need a friend most. I know this is truly a God-given quality and I couldn’t be more proud to be his mother.

Happy Birthday, Teeg. I Love You, Much!!



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