T’was the night before Christmas; Remembering his voice

“So we won’t ever forget Papa’s voice.”

Hallmark recordable book Twas the night before Christmas
Listening to Grandma and Papa read “T’was The Night Before Christmas.”

I love Christmas time and being able to spend extra time with my family. I love this season so much more now that I get to share it with my own children. It is such a special time.

Being with family, also opens a void to family that can’t be with us. This is my second Christmas without my dad.

When my boys were just teeny tiny little guys, my mom and dad made one of those recordable books from Hallmark. The one they gave the boys, “T’was The Night Before Christmas.”

Last night, with the boys in their jammies all snuggled in bed, we got out the Christmas story.

I remember his deep, loud voice. How he inflected it when he talked to his grandkids. When my son opened the cover of the book, that voice came through loud and clear. Just like he was here. It was one of those moments where happy and sad emotions run through me simultaneously.

To see the boys soak it in and listen to the story. Listen to their Grandma and Papa read to them was truly a very special gift. One that we will cherish for always.

May you be surrounded by love this Christmas day. Hold on to the precious memories and spend time making new ones.


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