Just A Mom!

“Mommy, you’re just a kid mom!”

This is what I hear from the mouth of my sweet and introverted, Moo, who is strapped in his carseat in the rear of the van.

“You’re just a kid mom. Dads and Grandmas work, but you are just a mom.”

Just a mom.

just a mom

In his little four-year-old reality, that is the truth. Every morning his daddy is at work before he wakes up. His grandma leaves for work as he sucks down his Go-gurt and watches Paw Patrol in his jammies. And mommy… yep, she stays home.

As I am parking my Mom Rocket (AKA mini van) that morning in the Target parking lot, I gaze down at my yoga pants and T-shirt. I look out the window to see a sea of other moms parking mini vans and strolling into the store in their yoga pants and tees. Wow, I am full-blown MOMMY.

That’s when I realize, I am a little offended by those words, “JUST a mom.” Okay, A LOT offended.

I worked pretty freaking hard to be here, buddy! You know those tassels you like to play tug-of-war with? Yeah, I studied my tail off in college to earn those ‘honors.’ I’m not JUST a mom. I have a Masters Degree, which means I am, by academic standards, smarter than your father and grandmother. So there! And you see this T-shirt, mister? This is the T-shirt of the state champions I coached. I am not JUST a mom. I AM A BIG DEAL, SON!

Once I finished proving my point, imaginarily of course, I pushed the automatic door opener (a sweet Mom Rocket luxurey) and out hopped Moo. Clearly unfazed by this new found discovery of how incredibly awesome I am. Just a mom, seriously?!

That’s when he does it… he snaps me out of my ego-party and back to reality.

Moo grabs my hand and starts skipping. “Mom, can I get a new Batman car for my birthday?” His birthday is in ten months.

“Sure, Buddy!” I say as I laugh to myself. This curly-top, big brown-eyed boy, who is so naturally happy that he skips wherever he goes, calls me mom. ME!

Of all the things I ever wanted to be when I grew up, Mom was on the top of my list. A lot of people graduate with honors. A lot of people have framed papers that tell them how smart they are. A lot of people teach and coach. Only one person gets to be HIS mom. And I know I work pretty freaking hard to be a good mom to him.

I’m not JUST a mom. I’m HIS mom.

Cyclone fansI am very proud of that!

To all the other moms and dads out there, know you are the world to those littles that hold your hands!

XOXO- Erica

12 thoughts on “Just A Mom!

  1. Such a great post!! I even found myself getting chills at the end! “I get to be his mom,” the statement of a lifetime!


  2. You will ever be “just a mom” Erica Douglas. You care about people and this world too much to ever stop thinking and acting in ways that forever change the people’s lives who you come into contact with. I am blessed enough to have been one of those people. 😍


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