Keep Climbing: Happy 4th Birthday!

He started at the bottom.

tree climb '11
Moo, age 1. October 2011

My stubborn, fearless boy turned 4 today. In fact, today was his GOLDEN birthday. He didn’t really understand the symbolism, but he was one happy boy playing with his new toys, running around in his new Batman shirt, and eating his third piece of chocolate cake.

When my son was a baby, he was snuggly, sweet and quiet. We love to tell the story of his first birthday when his cousin stole his birthday present (a broom). As soon as his cousin took that broom out of his hand, our sweet and quiet boy screamed, loudly! We were all taken aback, and I remember my grandpa saying, “I didn’t know he made a noise!”

My Moo feels everything with great intensity. He loves his brother. He loves Paw Patrol. He loves to beat the bad guys and ride his bike. He loves to climb trees and play tackle. His favorite color changes each week, as does his favorite super hero. Some days he loves mac and cheese. Other days he hates it. Some times he loves his sister, like today when he insisted she wear a pretty bow in her hair. Other days he has no patience for her because she steals his food, spills his drink, or changes the channel while he’s watching a show.

Have you seen those Sour Patch Kids commercials? Where the ‘kid’ is really naughty and then thirty seconds later he turns really sweet- that’s our Moo. When he was one, he would bite when someone didn’t do what he wanted. At two, he would scream, “I do it myself!” Then, when he couldn’t do it himself, he’d scream louder. Just three, he loved to play. To him, playing was so much fun that taking a break for the bathroom was simply a ridiculous suggestion. Stubborn.

When he was a baby, we’d come home from church, rock in the rocking chair and take a nap. At two, he would crawl in my lap just to drink a glass of milk. This year, he willingly gave me smooches and squeezes for being “The best mommy ever!” Sweet!

Seeing my four-year-old, and thinking of all the days I’ve been blessed as his mommy, I realize how much God loves me. Because in four years, my Moo has bit, scratched, hit and punched. In his four years of life he has screamed, screamed loudly, and screamed loudly, in a store, while swinging his arms and legs. In just four years, he has tried things he shouldn’t have, taken things he wasn’t supposed to, and climbed things that weren’t created for climbing. Yet, this is what I love most about him. He’s not perfect-he is perfectly him. Perfectly Moo.

Isn’t that how God sees me? How He sees us? Perfect, despite our imperfections. Or maybe it’s that we are perfect because of our imperfections.

It is certainly why I love my Moo. His stubbornness, while exhausting, it is endearing. His fearlessness is terrifying. Yet his courage consumes me with pride. His sweetness is contagious and makes anyone who crosses his path smile. He is my son, and for that reason alone I will forever love him.

“You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” Mark 1:11

Keep climbing Moo. The sky is the limit.

tree climb '14
Moo, almost 4. April 2014

Thanks for showing me just how big and unyielding God’s love can be!

XO- Mommy

3 thoughts on “Keep Climbing: Happy 4th Birthday!

  1. Erica, I think I have a new favorite post!! Nothing like the love we have for our children to help us really understand the love our Father God has for us. Unconditional and unyielding is right. Love your precious Moo, too!! So blessed to be able to call him my grandson!


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