Pet Cemetery

Dear Dad,

For all those rabbits I chased around the neighborhood, cornered and caught.

For all the, “I promise to feed, clean after and take care of” vows.

For all the “Can I keep?” and “Pretty please” pleading.

For all the surprises I brought home.

For all the feeding, cleaning and taking care of that I didn’t do.

For all the creatures you had to flush, toss, and ‘bury.’

For all of that, and probably much more,

I am sorry!

Because this year, I gave into the pleading and planned a Christmas surprise of fish for my boys.

Two Fish.

One for each.

A red fish.

A blue fish.

First, the blue fish died.

Second, the red fish died.

So, on the night before Christmas, I hustled to the pet store twenty minutes before it closed.

I bought a new fish and a new bowl.

I then came home and had to flush.

A red fish.

A blue fish.

Crossing my fingers, and saying my prayers, I prayed my boys wouldn’t wake up to find a dead fish waiting for them.

A Christmas Miracle!

christmas fishThey named him Sonic.

Fortunately, I take better care of your grandkids than I do fish… payback stinks!

Wish you were here to laugh at me.

Miss you, Erica

Merry Christmas!!

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