Throwing Money Down the Drain

Have you ever wondered how to save money from being carelessly thrown down the drain… or in this case, purposefully thrown down the drain?

Here,  along with my three-year-old, I will teach you how!


First, locate the lost money:

flashlight down sink
Using a Star Wars Light Saber flashlight (courtesy of his Uncle) to search for the coins

Second, form a plan of action, and reach for it:

cleaning out the disposal
“I can do it!” Pulling up his sleeve and reaching down the disposal to get the “Pennies”

Third, remove all other obstacles:

Success… grapes!

Lastly, count the change:

money found in disposal
After 3 pairs of dirty hands, and 4 grapes later, we found it all. $2.47 rescued from the kitchen disposal!


Congratulations, you have successfully saved yourself from losing anymore money… and successfully given this mother a headache…


XOXO, Erica


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