Thirty is so sad!

When I picture myself, I see me as a 22 year-old; fit, super blonde, tan, and with none of those wrinkles and crinkles around my eyes.

And then my brother-in-law goes and posts this picture; Sad birthday cake

Do we not look like we are in mourning?!  My sister-in-law captioned, “Thirty is so sad!”

Thirty is sad!  All-of-a-sudden, I can no longer masquerade as though I’m Young and Cool!  I am OLD and DRAB.  Here are the reasons why:

1. I am a SAHM.  On par with Carol Brady, Marion Cunningham, and Debra Barone, I sit at home, wear an apron, bake cookies, do laundry, and keep my house spick-and-span.  Not really, but isn’t that what you picture when you hear, “Stay At Home Mom?!”

2. I watch Downton Abbey.  My high school track girls were talking about TV shows they watch.  I chimed in, “Who watches Downton Abbey?”  In unison, they all reply, “My mom watches that show!”  Cool…

3. I drive a mini-van… and find it almost luxurious…almost!

4. Attempting workouts make my ankles hurt, my knees ache, and my back knot up.

5. I have no clue who these people are on the radio, in the magazines, and performing in award shows.

6. Professional athletes are younger than me.  In fact, if they are my age, they get called “old!”

7. I have conversations about, “kids these days.”  I mean, seriously, your shorts look like underwear, you could take a course in Respect, and your phone isn’t that interesting- look up once in awhile!

8. 10 o’clock is late.  11 o’clock is the middle of the night.

9.  In five years I could fulfill my life-long ambition, and run for POTUS.  But now, I’m so old and cynical I question if I could really change the world as President Erica.

10. I’m friends with my mom.  I’m even friends with my mom’s friends!  Really cool…

Dear Thirty,

You make me feel old.  I know you have a lot to offer me over these next ten years, and while I look forward to many of those experiences and blessings, I will admittedly deny that I have entered your world.  That is until Forty knocks on my door!

XO, Erica

7 thoughts on “Thirty is so sad!

  1. I don’t know why I like this so much. I should hate it. I should say “call me when you’re 60, we’ll talk” At the same time, I remember when 29 became 2010 and somehow the world didn’t stop spinning and I didn’t feel old at all. The only odd thing was I was able to talk about things that happened 20 years before. It doesn’t seem like much now when I reunite with high school friends after 45 years.


      1. 🙂 No lecture. I actually really liked it. It struck a pleasant cord from an old song with me somehow. When are you coming back to guest-post?


  2. I hate that title ‘Stay at Home Mum’! I was a full-time mum for years (five sons) and I know that title probably wouldn’t go down well with working mums. The image of a ‘stay at home mum’ though, is someone who watches soapies all day! Not true!!!


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