Summer Activity 2: Water Balloons

Water Balloons

Sometimes FUN doesn’t require large amounts of creativity!

We spent some quality family time this weekend playing with water balloons.  The baby even got in on the fun, as one aimed at me via Daddy, splashed her in the face!  She didn’t fuss… for too long!

We actually had the regular size balloons, which turned out to be perfect for a 5 and 3 year-old.  They were easier for them to catch and didn’t pop as easily.  We had fun playing catch and pairing off in teams, as just the splash was exciting enough for my boys.

Fun with water balloons

Here are some fun games you can play with water balloons:

  • Catch and Step:

    Play catch with a partner.  Each time you catch it, take a step backwards.  See how far apart you get.

  • Monkey In The Middle:   See if the kid in the middle can stay dry!
  • 500:

    Throw it up and call a point total.  They’ll either catch it and win, or get soaked.  Either way, you can’t lose!

  • Hide and Sort:

    Hide the balloons for the kids to find, and then ask them to sort them in different groupings

    • Weight: Have the kids line up the balloons lightest to heaviestsorting water balloons by weight
    • Color: have all of them; reds, blues, purples, and then ask the kids to say which color has the most/leastsorting balloons by color
    • Number: have one red, two blue, three green, etc. “Find me 4 pink balloons.”counting balloons
  • Target Practice:

    Have them throw the balloons at different targets on your fence.  You could make a game out of it and put points on your targets.  My kids thought this was pretty cool!!target practice with water balloons

  • War:

    What’s more fun than a good ole fashioned water balloon fight?

Do you have any other game ideas for water balloons?  Please comment.

Until next time… Don’t get soaked!  XO-Erica


hands-on-mom-buttonI found this site which had some good ideas too.

Fantastic Fun and Learning
Fantastic Fun and Learning

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