Summer Fun 1: Backyard Bird Feeders

Attempting to create some good-ole fashioned summertime memories.  Here’s our first Summer Fun Activity:

backyard pinecone bird feeders

Making Backyard Pinecone Bird Feeders:

Step 1: Materials

pine cone bird feeder materials
What you need: Bird seed, peanut butter, pinecones, string, a knife to spread the PB, and a tub to hold the birdseed

Step 2: Tie the string onto the pinecone

Step 3: Smother in peanut butter!

spreading peanut butter on pinecones
It’s okay to get messy!

Step 4: Roll in bird seed rolling in bird seed

pinecone bird feeders

Step 5: Hang the feeders! hanging bird feeders

backyard pinecone bird feeders
Ready to be eaten!

Memories were made for sure as one morning we witnessed a squirrel and bird fighting over the feeders!  We think the bird won!


Happy Summer! XOXO



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