Cowabunga! He’s Three!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

Moo ran into my room on his birthday and said, “I’m 3 now!  Are you going to cry?”  Yes, I cried.  I can’t believe this guy is THREE!

3rd birthday picture
Cool Dude!

No better way to celebrate the birthday of the coolest three-year-old around than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party!  Cowabunga Dude!

Toxic Ooze
Can’t be a Ninja Turtle without the Toxic Ooze… AKA green jello.
Pizza Party
We started off with a Pizza Party! I made jumbo cookies and the kids decorated with red frosting and candy toppings. They took them home as party favors. So much fun!

Decorating CookiesPizza BoxesPizza Party

Shredder Bowling
Shredder Bowling- We were knocking down the bad guys! A priority for a three-year-old boy!
Ninja Skills
They practiced their Ninja Skills by throwing the balls into the bucket.

BowlingBowlingNinja Skills

Birthday Friends
Moo had tons of fun at his party. He was so happy all his friends could come!

Oh my, how we love this little guy!  He is a charmer, a comedian, a stubborn “Do It Myself”-er, and the biggest of sweethearts.  Can’t imagine life without you, Moo Moo- oh how dull it would be!

Birthday Bike
Just what he wanted- a super speedy, red birthday bike!

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