Happy Mother’s Day

Growing up, my family always paired off- Dad and me versus Mom and my brother.  Our favorite was playing the Alphabet Game on road trips.  Since Dad was always in the drivers seat, he and I ALWAYS won because Dad would just happen to take a different route to Grandpa’s house just to pass the YMCA!


I am very much my father’s daughter, but I’m old enough now to admit that I have a pretty cool mom.  Did you hear that Mom, I said “Cool!”


Thanks to Mom, I have long legs and was able to wear my regular pants home from the hospital after having my third child- good genes!!  Thanks to Mom, I learned how to work hard, multi-task, and persevere through frustrations.  Thanks to Mom, I learned how to be a wife- how to support my husband through any and everything because that’s just what she did for my dad.  And mostly, thanks to Mom, I learned how to be a mom myself.  How to love my kids, have fun with my kids, and yes, someday how to be “uncool” for my kids.


Love you, Mom.  So blessed to have you and so glad you’re here, not just as my Mom, but to be Grandma too!

Me and Mom
Mom and Me


Happy Mother’s day!  XO- Erica

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