Time to get back at it…

Everyone warned, “Three kids is the hardest!”  Why people feel the need to tell you that when you’re expecting your third child is beyond me.  It’s like when someone is eating their dinner and go, “Yuck, this is gross.  Try it!”

Well, I have three kids now and I don’t find it any harder- just a new balancing act of learning what’s important and what can be put off until later.  For example: Lunch versus Laundry.  My kids need to eat, so that’s important.  My kids have hundreds of T-shirts, so that can wait (most likely wait until grandma comes over!)  My house is messier than yours, my hair is messier than yours, and the pile of unopened mail and emails is probably larger than yours.  But that’s okay, I’ve learned to not stress about that.  My kids are fed.  My kids are happy.  And my kids are clothed…. well most of the time!

Moo, Brooklynn, and TJ

So hard- No!  New- Yes!  A lot has changed since the start of 2013 for me, and those things in life that matter have really been brought to the forefront.  I’m not here to say I have it all figured out.  I’m just here.  Back to blogging.  Back to sharing those little, important, and not so perfect things that make it all worth while!

XO- Erica

One thought on “Time to get back at it…

  1. totally needed this tonight! I’m pregnant with my 3rd, having an emotional night (something I never really had with the other 2)….always wondering…”will I be able to do it?” Thanks! I look forward to hearing about your journey as edge closer to beginning mine!


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