On hole 18

Dad and Lion
Dad snuggling with his gift from his grandsons

I had a dream last night that dad was playing golf with Jesus.  When I woke up, I told Jesus that dad could only play 18 holes and that he had to come home when he was done.

Dad is a strong man. He’s healthy, determined, and as someone wrote to him, a stubborn SOB (not exactly the phrase I would use, but more or less the truth!).  My dad is the most passionate man I have ever known.  He cares deeply. Loves deeply. And cheers with such intensity.

I have never, ever doubted the love of Father God. I have never questioned that Jesus is the Savior. I understand Sacrificial Love. I sense the Unconditional Love from above.  And it’s because I have felt it here on earth.  My dad loves me unconditionally. He’d lay down his life for me, for my mom, my brother, my kids, his family, his friends, his athletes. I’ve always known this.  If everyone had a dad like mine, we’d all easily know how big and great and merciful our Father God is.

We need that love right now. Dad needs it.  He’s still asleep. I’m sure that golf course he’s on is pretty unbelievable, but we got things to do here.


“I am the Lord; there is no other God. I have equipped you for battle.” Isaiah 45:5

3 thoughts on “On hole 18

  1. Erica, K’Lynn, Steve and family– Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You have many Prayer Warriors on the side of Steve who believe in “Pray without ceasing.”


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