Why Love Wins

A man cannon-balled into the pool, and began a barrage of obscenities loud enough for any of us in a bathing suit to hear. His aggressive verbal vomit continued as he meandered over and chronicled to my husband and me, his paying for women, doing things to women and a description of the pornography he… More Why Love Wins

What is my next step?

While I’ve been on a maternity break from anything PreachTeach (well… anything for that matter), I have been putting serious (although sleep-deprived) thought into my future as The Preach Teach. When I started this blog (Read my first post here), it was more for the purpose of keeping my feet wet in the teaching world.… More What is my next step?

Two years since goodbye

I think of you when I look at my kids. I yearn to hear you laugh at the crazy things they do. I wish you’d stop by the house and take us out for lunch. I still feel I should leave an empty chair for you at their activities or birthdays. You were always a couple minutes late but prepared with your video camera. I wish you weren’t a memory to them. I wish you weren’t a story.… More Two years since goodbye

I’m Sorry I’m Ruining Your Life, Little Girl

Each morning my day starts with a little girl, not quite two, climbing into my bed, crawling on top of me and snuggling into me as though I am the most comfortable pillow. Twenty minutes later, she hands me my glasses and then my phone. Time to get up! While her brothers are still asleep, she requests a Gogurt… More I’m Sorry I’m Ruining Your Life, Little Girl