Teachers, Please Keep Jumping

To all the teachers, this post is for you. In fact, I have sat here with my fingers motionless on the keypad stuck in writers block because I want to make this perfect for you. I want to tell you, “Thank you!” Or wish you, “Good luck!” Or I even thought of “You are a difference maker!” While those sentiments are true, they are all too cliché.

Teacher jobs word cloud

As a former teacher, I hated how FLUFFY the world made my job out to be. When I told someone, “I am a teacher,” they’d tilt their head, smile, and say “Awe, that’s great!” It was as though they pictured me in a plaid wool skirt, apple sweater, pencil above my ear, and a pull-string out of my back with the words, “Great job,” “Way to go,” and “You’re a star” repeating out of my mouth. If they only knew! Continue reading

Wish to Grow Old

Have you ever heard of anyone having a bad vacation in Hawaii? Last night my mom told me one of the worst vacation stories ever. A woman she had met went on a two week vacation there. A day into her family’s Hawaii vacay they received a phone call that her father-in-law had died. Then it rained. It rained every day. It rained so much that the only road to the airport was out of commission. Next, roaches. Their room was crawling with roaches. The second week of vacation, they received a phone call that her brother had a heart attack and passed away. Still raining. Still no way to the airport. Still roaches. Seriously, a vacation from hell!

Lately, I’ve felt like my Facebook feed has been scrolling with a never ending hell-like vacation. This summer alone, I’ve gone to two visitations for the parent of a friend. I’ve prayed for my aunt who is fighting cancer. I’ve shuttered at stories of disaster and violence. I’ve cried over pictures of kids in the hospital, families falling apart, friends moving away. Currently, I’m living in the house I grew up in. The house my mom and dad worked so hard for. The same house my dad won’t return to, yet every corner reminds me of him.  More emptiness. More worry. More stress.

Growing up sucks!

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Marriage Is Proudly Sporting Mickey Ears

One of my favorite sightings on our last family vacation to Disney World was an elderly couple on scooters. At first, I just heard them. Or should I say, I heard her. Beep! Beep! “Over here!” “To the left!” “Hurry up!”

Then I saw them, barely. The Mr. and Mrs. were scooting pretty fast. The Mrs. leading the way with the Mr. about ten feet behind, following orders with each turn. How did I know they were married you ask? By the Mickey and Minnie bride and groom ears they were proudly sporting.Mickey and Minnie bride and groomI’d already missed my opportunity to ask the bride, so I shouted at the groom, “How long have you been married?”

“55 years!” boomed the groom, proudly as he quickly got back in stride following command. Continue reading

Just A Mom!

“Mommy, you’re just a kid mom!”

This is what I hear from the mouth of my sweet and introverted, Moo, who is strapped in his carseat in the rear of the van.

“You’re just a kid mom. Dads and Grandmas work, but you are just a mom.”

Just a mom.

just a mom

In his little four-year-old reality, that is the truth. Every morning his daddy is at work before he wakes up. His grandma leaves for work as he sucks down his Go-gurt and watches Paw Patrol in his jammies. And mommy… yep, she stays home. Continue reading

It’s Hard To Be A Dad.

Or should I say, It’s Hard To Be A GOOD Dad.

We as moms get a lot of credit. When at the grocery store with all three of my kids, an elderly man or woman will often stare, smile, and say, “Good job, Mom!” At the doctor’s office with all my kids in the room, the doctor will offer, “You’re doing a great job, Mom!” When I tell people that I am a stay-at-home mom, people will always encourage, “That’s the hardest job there is.”

I agree. Being a mom is hard. It’s exhausting. It can be lonely and depleting. Sometimes I find myself having a pity party because I have nothing other than ‘Mom’ to define me. Even as a working mom, I struggled. The pressure of parenting always seems to fall on the shoulders of MOM.

But what about dads? Continue reading

The birds and the bees, and baginas.

Have you had “The Talk” yet? You know, the one about where babies come from? My boys are six and four. I didn’t think I’d have to have it so soon.birds and bees

Since the birth of their sister a year ago, my boys are continually amazed that there is something other than wee-wee’s in the world. My youngest son, at three, thought he had it figured out. After helping his daddy change his baby sister’s diaper at just a week old, he came running downstairs exclaiming at the top of his lungs, “Girls don’t have wee-wee’s. They just have butts!” Perfect. He had it all figured out. Continue reading